My name is Joseph Faura and I am a multidisciplinary artist, educator, media maker, and entrepreneur. I have worked as a video editor, graphic designer, web developer, and professor. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Florida State University, and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Imaging and Digital Arts from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

My passions include astronomy, queer theory, illustration, collage, animation, and hosting events. I am also passionate about finding creative solutions to a wide variety of design problems, much of which I incorporate into my artistic practice. I also enjoy collaborating with others on exciting creative and professional projects. I grew up in Miami, FL but call Baltimore, MD home.


Curriculum Vitae



2008-2011. University of Maryland Baltimore County. Baltimore, MD
Master of Fine Arts. Imaging Media and Digital Arts
2001-2006. Florida State University. Tallahassee, FL
Bachelor of Fine Arts. Studio Art, Graphic Design Concentration
Bachelor of Arts. Communications, Advertising Concentration


Professional and Academic Experience

2017-Current. Principal, Event Designer and Curator. Fifth House Events Collective. Baltimore, MD
2016-Current. Co-Founder, Graphics and Product Designer. Owlcheek Studios. Baltimore, MD
2016-2017: Multimedia Specialist. Digital Media Center. Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, MD
2016: Instructor. “Motion Design,” UMBC. Baltimore, MD
2011-2016: Assistant Professor. Digital Media Arts. Notre Dame of MD Univ. Baltimore, MD
2014-2016: Instructor, Open Minds Art Club. Creative Alliance. Baltimore, MD
2013-2015. Instructor. Visual Arts Department. AACC. Arnold, MD
2013. Instructor. Community Arts Center. Towson University. Towson, MD
2010-2012. CAmm Cage Manager. Creative Alliance. Baltimore, MD
2010-2012. Instructor. “Three-Dimensional Form, Space and Interaction.” UMBC. Baltimore, MD
2011. Instructor. “Web Design, Editing and Animation.” UMBC. Baltimore, MD
2009. Teaching Assistant. Visual Concepts. UMBC. Baltimore, MD
2006-2008. Production Manager. FSView & Florida Flambeau. Tallahassee, FL

Exhibitions, Events, and Screenings

2018. PMS [products and more stuff]” A Feminist Art Market, curated by Owlcheek. Baltimore, MD
2017. “Scorpios Rice: A Scorpio Themed Dance Party.” A curated performance event to celebrate the first week of the Charm City Fringe Festival in the Bromo Seltzer Arts District. Baltimore, MD
2017. “As Above, So Below.” A light installation meant to transform and activate Charm City Fringe’ headquarters through the Festival. Baltimore, MD
2016: “DESIDERIUM, A Healing Ritual.” Friday Performance Series curated by Jaimes Mayhew. ‘sindikit Gallery. Baltimore, MD
2016: “Postcards from Baltimore.” Co-curator, a postcard-based exhibition sponsored by LABS artist residency in Station North. Baltimore, MD
2014. “Kaleidoscope.” Grand Video Finale. Great Halloween Lantern Parade & Festival. Baltimore, MD
2014. “LOOP-OFF.” Animations curated by Kelley Bell. Transmodern Festival. Baltimore, MD
2014. “Virilit-HE.” Group Exhibition. The Siber Gallery, Goucher College. Towson, MD.
2013. “Whatchamacallit Thingamajig.” Group Exhibition. The Siber Gallery, Goucher College. Towson, MD.
2013. “Gring My/Your Pony.” A series of curated Dance and Installation Parties curated to celebrate mid/late 90s nostalgic relationships with music. Metro Gallery. Baltimore, MD
2013. “Pop Effects.” Juried Exhibition. The Cade Gallery, AACC, Arnold, MD
2012. “Constellations.” Solo Exhibition. Gormley Gallery, NDMU. Baltimore, MD
2012. “Queer is Where the Heart Is.” Group Exhibition. Samtokin 78. Reykjavik, Iceland & Metro Gallery. Baltimore, MD
2011. “Ganesh Lagerfeld.” Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Tampa, FL
2011. “Clash of the Titans.” CAmm A/V Cart, Creative Alliance. Baltimore, MD
2011. “CampCamp.” Group Exhibition. Transmodern Festival. Baltimore, MD
2011. “Shorts Competition.” Diversity in Animation Film Festival. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2011. “IMDA Thesis Exhibition.” Center for Art Design and Visual Culture, Baltimore, MD
2010. “Everything Must Go.” Group Exhibition. The Cade Gallery, AACC. Arnold, MD
2006. “BFA Graduation Show.” Museum of Fine Arts, FSU. Tallahassee, FL


2013. “State of the Queer Arts.” City Paper, June 2013. Baltimore, MD
2013. DASH Magazine. Excess in Minimalism, Spring/Summer 2013. London, UK
2012. Pursuing the Summer. Zine. United Kindom
2011. Mind Thoughts, Collected. Zine. Baltimore, MD
2008. The Yeti, Vol.5, Issue 1. Tallahassee, FL

Selected Grants and Awards

2010-2011. Graduate Student Association Research Grant. UMBC. Baltimore, MD.
2008-2011. Full Graduate Assistantship. UMBC. Baltimore, MD.


Artist Statement


My digital prints, drawings, mixed media collages, animations, and interactive installations explore the intersections between celebrity culture and archetype, mass media and cult activity. My participatory work invites viewers to create collages on glowing orbs, arranging transparent cutouts of animal heads, human body parts, and random objects on overhead projectors. I pull images that participants have created and incorporate them into new collages. This work playfully highlights the irrationality of celebrity worship and beauty icons and pokes fun at a hidden polytheistic mythos behind the low art of fashion magazines.

Much of my work invents animal-human hybrids and other archetypes, encasing them in a modern context. My Ganesh Lagerfeld series depicts a hybridized image of the popular Indian deity Ganesha and the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in the forms of a hand-made collage, a life-sized replica mounted on a double-sided light box, and an animation that shows Ganesh interacting with paparazzi. A new series of work titled Constellations, created of mixed media collages and drawings on Mylar, fabricate constellations out of imaginary star clusters. Images emerge from these clusters in the form of archetypes that were inspired by the trump cards of the Tarot.

This body of work maps modern and ancient archetypes onto made-up celestial objects. Critiquing the notion that our culture’s predominant worldview is rational and detached, these pieces call attention to and poke fun at, the (oc)cult aspects of our obsession with celebrity, youth, symmetry, and beauty.